Monday, September 5, 2016

Sorry for the lapse, life has kept me pretty busy lately, both good and not so good.  I refuse to say or write the word B*D.  We've had some rough spots but slowly things are turning around.

Since the rough spot I've not been stocking up as I'd like.  In fact we've really used most of what WAS put back but I'm thankful I did have it put back so it could be used!

I was blessed in that I received a promotion at work.  I switched to the skilled living facility building from the independent living building and am now the Housekeeping Supervisor!  This is a lot of responsibility, a lot of learning on State regulations and after my 3 month probation a really nice raise!  We just have to get by until the end of November.  That being said I started my cleaning service back up and pretty quickly got my first client!  It's a very nice house and she paid me a nice chunk of change to clean it.  I believe she will be every 3 weeks.  I will contact her in another week to set up the next day.  I'm hopeful that she tells her friends that might be in need of someone to clean.  

Summer is soon fading, thank the Lord, and we'll soon be moving on to cooler weather.  I used to not mind summer but it's been so horribly humid, or I'm just realizing it, this year that I'm actually looking forward to it being over.  We didn't get to do much, well, I didn't but the girls did with friends, boyfriends, the like.  It's ok, next year I'm hoping to be able to do at least one good vacation or getaway.  I'm looking forward to cooler nights, leggings and oversized shirts, comfy boots, apples to make apple butter and can to have apple filling for pies.  I think I'm nesting for Rachel.

Speaking of which, Rachel is looking pretty darn cute with her pregnant belly.  Little Sam is due in about 2 weeks, and I'm so excited!  Praying it forward for an easy delivery for my sweet daughter.  She's starting to get worried, as every new mother does.

Megan is still job hunting, please pray that she gets a job soon???

Alyssa is busting her butt working on her CNA classes, her dual credit classes, dance practice, Art club, all into her Senior year.  I told her to make the most of it but those grades need to stay up.  She knows this as the guidelines to stay in the CNA program are pretty strict.  I like that!

If anyone knows of any good prepping/homesteading blogs I could read I would greatly appreciate if you would share them.  I'll give you credit where credit is due!  

This weekend I've been sick with a horrible cold, my first in 2 years!  I did manage to clean the house of my client on Saturday.  Yesterday I washed all of the laundry and to dry it, since my dryer is down, I used a clothes line I set up outside (how I'd love a REAL clothesline), I also hung up clothes on hangers in the bathroom and laid them on a drying rack that my oldest daughter lent me.  I've figured out I'm saving almost $40 a month not using my dryer.  I'm good with that.  I'm not crazy about stiff towels but, they do absorb better.  Going to see how long I can go without a dryer.  I do use the laundromat on a few things but wanted to see how it went without going there this weekend.  I'm good with how all of the clothes turned out.  The girls may not agree, lol.

I'm going to go clean the inside of my fridge.  I've already emptied it of the science experiments that were growing in side of it, now is time to wash the containers and then wash out the inside of the beast.  

Have a blessed day!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

I'm changing up the way this blog has been.  Right now I'm up at 2 am because insomnia has hit yet again.  This is all due to that lovely stage of life I'm in called menopause.  I'm learning to grab sleep when I can and when I can't, try to be somewhat productive.

It seems like the newest bandwagon to jump on is Prepping for TEOTWAWKI (The End Of The World As We Know It) or the other title of SHTF, (Sh*t Hits The Fan), survival living.  I've been somewhat intrigued for a long time, never acted upon it.  But I had a wake up call one morning about 2 weeks ago and felt like I really need to get going on this.  I'm in the very beginning stages, really researching and making plans, slowly, very slowly, working toward my goal.  Any and all hints, suggestions, advice are absolutely welcome!

My oldest daughter is looking at me like I'm nuts and paranoid, but that's ok.  My youngest thought that at first but she says it is making sense.  I'm working on our emergency plans and will sit them both down once I'm certain of meet up places, etc.

I'm still actively living a frugal lifestyle, from necessity but I know that even if it wasn't "necessity" I'd still be living frugally.  A friend of mine is purging her pantry and freezer.  She somehow thinks she has "too much poultry" in her freezer and she won't need the boxes of differing canned goods ranging from veggies to soups, in her pantry.  I am happily going to her house to take these things off of her hands on Monday after work.  This will really help get a jump on shoring up my almost depleted pantry.

I'm throwing my daughter her 2nd baby shower next is her 1st one, the one thrown by her husband's side of the family. Theirs is no holds barred.  Mine next week will be frugal to the max.  I'm holding it at a bakery that has a party room.  The only cost for this is the cost of the shower cake.  The owner of the bakery is engaged to my daughter's good friend so, yay me!  The theme is comic book superheroes, my grandbaby is a boy!)  Sadly the first shower took the same theme but I'm not changing it.  I've been to Dollar Tree and bought dark red and dark blue rectangular plastic table covers that I'll cut in half because the tables are square, I also bought red and blue plates, food and dessert, red and blue napkins.  I have a box of cutlery from another event.  I was given a large garbage bag of baby clothes that I went thru just yesterday and pulled out sleepers that I will hang on clothesline that I will get from Dollar Tree on Friday.  I need to find inexpensive small centerpieces as well as I will buy a box of diapers, and using sharpies that I already have I'm asking guests to write inspirational, fun things on them for those late night diaper changes.  I'm hitting Aldi after work on Friday, will pick up fixings for some finger foods that I'll make that night and have them ready to go Saturday morning.  I'm trying to keep my costs, including the cake, under $100.

I think my insomnia is waning so I'm going to try to fall back to sleep.  Will hopefully check in soon!


Monday, February 1, 2016

No more negatives!  Last week was a wonderful week, and a hard week.  Alyssa, my 16 yr old, has ongoing issues with UTI's and kidney infections.  She had a flare up that hit her super fast.  We went to the doc on Tuesday, Wednesday night had to take her to the ER from the pain.  The ER doc was awesome and thinks it could actually be also uterine issues.  He gave her a bag of fluid via IV, also a much stronger antibiotic thru the IV.  He changed up her antibiotics to Levaquin and gave her Toradol for pain.  She was so much better the next day.  We have a follow up with her specialist on Wednesday.  I also made an appt with a gyne.  We will get to the bottom of this.

Megan is having thyroid issues.  I've been on her for a year but my 19 yr old is extremely stubborn.  So....I took her with on the day Alyssa had her doc appointment, she spoke with our PA and 10 vials of blood were drawn from her.  Not all reports are in but the ones that have come back are extremely high...not in a good way.  She's setting an appointment with an endocrinologist ASAP.  I'll be thrilled to see her feeling better finally.  She's been so out of it, dizzy, nauseous, rapid heartbeat, hair comes out easily, can't gain wait and in fact has lost weight.  She's 5'11" and only 132 lbs.  I'm hoping that I can come with her to the appointment so we can both know what is going on.  I'm praising that the doctor has taken this so seriously!  My girls seem to be on the mend, yes!

Got to talk to Rachel as well.  Her morning sickness is kicking her fanny, nauseous 24/7.  Her doctor appointment is also on the 3rd, this Wednesday.  Anxiously awaiting the due date of my grandbaby!  I'm going to go over there tomorrow night to take care of my girl, help her around the house while she works on her lesson plans, tends to a sick husband.  My plan is to cook for them, clean up, help her put together power point presentations and handouts.  I also told her I would talk to my grandbaby, ask him/her sweetly to let Momma rest some and eat some, lol.

Last Saturday I received a huge blessing from a co-worker.  This woman and I aren't the closest and I'll admit there are times I've let her under my skin even when I know I need to be understanding.  But, I'm off track here.  She came in to relieve me at work but asked if our boss had discussed with me the baby items she was looking to "get rid of"?  I said no, I hadn't seen her as I was gone 3 days, 2 of them for sick kids and one my day off.  So she had me follow her and opened her van.  Inside was an excellent condition baby walker, an excellent condition Pack N Play, a baby carrier, a baby push toy and a play mat where babies can be on their tummy or on their back and a mobile over their heads.  Then she pulls out a stroller, Mickey Mouse, used one time!  I asked her how much she wanted for them all and she said...nothing.  She said she figured I could use them and they were mine if I wanted them.  If I didn't she was just going to drop them at Goodwill.  I happily accepted.  I'll have things for my grandbaby when I have him/her!!!  

Blessings all around.  I never cease to be so grateful for God's love and mercy and grace.  He uses everyone in different ways to touch our lives.  I've been praying on this for over a week.  I had drifted from the way I had been living my life.  I had become judgmental and borderline hard hearted at times.  But through prayer and bible time, and going back to a church I really liked years ago I feel so at peace and convicted even to stop myself mid rant, stop myself from being judgmental.  Looking for the good in everyone, and being a blessing whenever I have the opportunity.

I finally got the girls to give me ideas of food they wanted.  The big deal about this is they usually want me to drive 25 miles home, get them, drive 25 miles back to the town I work in and bring them shopping with me.  I've decided enough is enough.  It wastes gasoline, and honestly I'm exhausted by the end of my day so the last thing I want to do is drive an extra hour.  I was lucky enough to buy most of it from Aldi so it was considerably less than if I'd decided to shop Walmart only.  Sadly I had no coupons to use but I still kept it all under $100, just under.  I had to do a quick run by Walmart today to get Always product and thankfully I did have a coupon for that.  Since Alyssa needed the pads I bought chocolate, that time you know.  

Yesterday on my day off I made Chicken, Bacon and Ranch bake.  I improvised and used Aldi Alfredo sauce and it was even better than the first one.  Later on I made Rice Krispie Treats.  I don't know why I stopped making them years ago.  They are quick and inexpensive!  Not to mention the girls, even tho they are teens, absolutely love them!

I suppose I need to shut this down now.  I have to be at work by 6:30 am.  I also intend on getting up early and making chocolate chip cookies for my sweet pregnant daughter and her husband.  I wanted to do it tonight but I my back isn't happy and I'm trying to get it to be quiet, not to mention I'm pretty sleepy.

Oooohhh, forgot, weight loss is stalled, haven't gained but haven't lost any more either.  

So, night night all.  


Friday, January 22, 2016

Hello friends!  Well, the news from my daughter is....she's pregnant!!!  She and her husband are expecting their first child which is my first grandbaby!!!  The doctor appointment is scheduled for Feb. 2nd when we'll find out a due date.  
She and I went to a Chinese restaurant, it's a buffet so after we got our food she handed me a tiny gift bag and inside of it was this baby cap and booties!  To say I'm excited is an understatement, lol.  And yes I did cry.  Happy tears were shed, hugging outside the booth of the restaurant.  It was sweet, my baby is having a baby.  And so the journey begins.

I have to admit I've done horrible on my eating and exercising.  I was stranded at work a day and a half due to weather, ate what we had there.  I've not exercised.  I could blame the extreme cold weather but I won't.  I'm a big girl, I could do exercises at home.  Today was another weather event and I did not get to the gym to sign up.  So, I'm beginning a new day tomorrow, meaning I'll try again!  

Lately I do not feel like myself, I feel lost, drifting.  I truly believe it's because I've lost perspective, lost my focus, lost my drive.  I'm taking a FB break, I waste so much time on social media. I need to reconnect, get face to face with God.  That is a lot to do with my mood, I'm sure of it.   I lose my temper easily, my thoughts are not very nice at times.  I've let the world take over.   Need to push that all aside, get back on my knees and talk to Him.

That being said, I'm going to log off.  Blessings.....


Saturday, January 16, 2016


It's been a long week, I celebrated the big birthday and had a pretty good week actually!  Last night my two girls left at home and I went to the high school to watch the homecoming basketball game and cheer on my niece as she danced.  Today Alyssa and Tiffany, my niece, and I went to watch a dance competition in a town not far from where we live.  We bought some groceries after and I came home, put some beef in the crockpot and took a nap, lol.  Woke, put potatoes on to boil, heated some corn, made some bbq chicken for Megan.  I'm still full from lunch so I've chosen to not eat tonight.  Tomorrow I'll meet up with my oldest daughter for lunch.  I'm wondering if it's a belated birthday lunch or if she's got some news for me.  She's tried for 3 days to see me.  Hmmmm, wonder if she's pregnant???  Enquiring minds want to know!  I'll let you know!

As promised I climbed on the scale the other day and my starting weight was 224 lbs.  As of yesterday it was 222 lbs.  I try to weight every few days.  I've picked up my welbutrin so that will help more.  Wednesday I'm going to sign up for the fitness center, now that it's middle of the month and the resolution people are starting to fall away.  Prayers would be appreciated that I can get healthy again.  I'm 5'6" so my weight carries ok but I'm feeling so sluggish and it doesn't help my back to carry the extra pounds.

We're finally getting the cold that we've been missing and I'm here to tell you I do not like it.  Again, messes with the back but also I just don't like being cold!  I really don't like the furnace kicking on all of the time, which means the gas bill will be expensive.  

I'm off to clean up my kitchen mess.  Blessings friends!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy Birthday to MEEE!!!  Yes, this picture is recent, about a week old actually.  Yesterday was my BIG Birthday, the Big 5-0!!!  I celebrated by going out with a friend of mine for lunch, a former boyfriend who, I'm happy to say, still wants to remain friends!  Alyssa's boyfriend made me a scrumptious chocolate cake, creamy chocolate frosting (as of right now there is one piece left).  The only thing marring the day was the fact that Megan's car broke down, the oil was all out of it, and we had to get it limping back to my house which was 15 minutes and a lot of miles away.  The part has been ordered and hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow, and that what is being replaced was the only issue.  It's a 1998 model, a Bonneville, so it's a little on the older side.

Like I said in my post from the other day, this is the year I begin to focus more on me.  Now, please know that doesn't mean I'm going to be completely self centered and everyone else be darned, but it's time to focus on things I've long put aside.  My most difficult journey will be weight loss, and I know this.  My metabolism is so much slower since I am older AND I've had a hysterectomy.  I did not weigh in this morning, the day after pigging out at lunch and that incredible cake.  I will weigh in tomorrow and will really and truly try to keep a once a week post of how my week has gone.  Next Tuesday I'm going to our local physical therapy/gym and signing up, $25 a month, and I'll get a key pass to go in after hours.  With my work schedule this will be the best route to take.  I know the exercises I have to do.  I'm loading up good music on my phone, have earbuds ready, just need to pay the fee.  I'm not a huge fan of walking on treadmills, I like to see new things as I walk, but I'm great with walking when I have music so, load up those peppy songs!  

I've been going thru some issues with my 19 yr old.  I won't air them on here only to ask for prayer for both of us in how to move forward.  I've given the matter to God, but I will still daily ask him for direction and strength.

I'm also not going to whine about money matters.  My intent is to post positively, yet truthfully, but not dwell.  I'm better at making due anymore.  The other day I had pork chops, and then found a box of Stove Top stuffing on my dwindling pantry shelves.  I put the chops in the crock pot, let them cook for about 4 hours.  I then made up the stuffing, well dumped the contents of the box and the ingredients to prepare all over the top of the pork chops and let them cook another hour.  Oh my GOODNESS were they delicious!  Even my picky eater, Alyssa, loved them!  

I also tried a recipe I found on Facebook.  Chicken breasts, cut in 3rds, slice down the center with a sharp knife and then insert a cube of cheddar cheese, next time I'll use 2 cubes, then roll them in egg, then in panko crumbs seasoned with garlic powder, salt, pepper and accent, fry in oil.  They were absolutely wonderful too.  I have to admit I am excited about a lot of the recipes that are showing up on Facebook these days.  I especially am interested in crock pot recipes.  The girls have, finally, got tired of fast food, not to mention it adds up.  I know it's quick especially when I've worked all day and the last thing I want to do is cook, but it's not good for you, us, me.  

I'm going to call it a night.  I've had a long work day and I'm going to try to catch some sleep.  I pray blessings over you all.


Saturday, January 9, 2016


This is my first post of the new year....the year I turn 50!  I've vowed it to be a new era of taking care of me.  I've put the kids ahead of me forever, for all of their lives.  This starts me taking care of me...and helping them.

Here are my goals for myself...
1.  Getting my teeth fixed, done.
2.  Getting fit, dropping pounds.
3.  Going to Florida with family, seeing the ocean.
4.  Working on saving for more trips.  
5.  Making someone very special to me a priority.

There are bound to be more things I'll add to my list, some financial, some spiritual, some physical but these are my starting points.

Right now I'm on day #3 of my 6 day vacation.  I've not done much but I have made dinner each day, today was heat up leftovers.  I've caught laundry up, cleaned the kitchen.  Tomorrow is de-clutter, work out some.  

I'm off for now.  Again, Happy New Year!!!