Saturday, November 7, 2015


I absolutely adore this picture!  The girl in the front, my daughter Alyssa, the girl in the back, my niece, Tiffany.  This was about a week before Halloween in So. IL, at Tiffany's house because they have the cool stuff, lol!  Tiffany is actually my cousin's daughter but I call her my niece.  The two girls and their boyfriends had a great time, riding the 4 wheeler, decorating pumpkins, just being kids, even tho they are all teens.  So good to see them having fun not related to I right?

This is our Halloween Treat Walk at my employer...Oh how much fun we had!  I'm at the far right.  The kids all had such an amazing time!  The photo below is myself, Megan, William (Alyssa's bf), Alyssa, Tiffany and Joe (Tiff's bf).  They scared people, assisted with doors for the kids, handing out candy and helping me clean up.  They can't wait for next year already!

I've been looking for a new to me table and chairs.  I didn't want anything made of wood, just, tired of same old, traditional, you know?  So I was at a resale shop in my town and they had this table and 4 chairs for $100.  I said, I'm sorry, I cannot go $100.  The man said ok, $75.  I shook my head, I'm sorry, too much for me.  I have $60 cash.  He didn't say anything so I wandered a bit.  He came to find me and said ok, $60.  I'm so excited! A vintage table, 4 chairs and it's perfect for my tiny kitchen!!!  

My house is a little crazy, we're up to 4 cats, one is a kitten that I rescued, who is adorable, a cuddler and a rotten snot all rolled into one.  So there's a lot of silliness, chases and love coming from our fur babies.

I've got Alyssa hurrying me to go pick up her boyfriend, they're spending the day  together here (cool for me, I can keep an eye on them, tho they are pretty good kids, never yet had a reason to play the heavy).  So I'll check in later.  Yes, I know I've said that before but, I will, I really will!  I'll be more informative and less general!

Hugs to all,

Sunday, August 9, 2015


I vow to do better and yet...months, and I do mean months go by and not a word from me!  Ah well, good intentions!

It's been a long, hot summer and I'm ready for this type of foliage in this picture.  I'm ready for hoodies and leaves turning and not running the a/c constantly.  I am not, however, ready for winter, not at all!  Can we go from Fall straight to Spring?  Come on, no harm no foul???

A brief look at the last several months....Rachel and Adam are married.  It was a lovely day, she was a beautiful bride and it went off pretty much without a hitch.  My daughters and son looked gorgeous...and handsome to whomever each applies.  The newlyweds are settling in nicely and Rachel is preparing to begin her year of student teaching.

I've started a new job, and I love it so much.  I work at an independent living facility for senior citizens.  I did this type of work when I was a teen and young adult and it seems only natural to return to what I know.  My boss is an old friend and fantastic!  I was housekeeping/dietary/cook & general aid.  Now I'm assistant/aid and housekeeping one day a week.  It's a bit of a drive, but the peace of mind overpowers the lowered salary I traded for.  

It has pushed me into more of a budgeting state.  Making more meals from home, using what we have, trying to make every trip into town gas and cost efficient.  Since I work in the big town I try to get any errands done on my way home if I can.  I still shudder to think of putting a budget down on paper.  Why does it give me the heebeejeebies?  Seeing it in black and white probably.  I have to make myself do this tho, have to!  So wish me luck after this is posted that I sit down and make out that budget.  

In this week I've gone through my coupons, pulled out expired ones, taken the ones close to expiration and that I need to purchase anyway and put them at the front of my organizer.  I have two coupon organizers.  One is for my store coupons, food and other store goods.  The other one is for restaurants, Steak N Shake is a good place, fairly inexpensive and they always have good coupons.  I did learn that if I order 2 of the same, example chicken strips and fries, and have 1 coupon for $1 off, they will apply it to both orders.  Also, they have half price drinks, and will add the b1g1f to that deal.  We've learned how to get the max reward for our coupons.

I also use the Walmart Savings Catcher App on my phone.  To date I have approx $14 on my savings catcher card.  I'm trying to let it get to $50 to use toward Christmas shopping.

Hmmm, have been picking up extra little jobs, like doing laundry, running errands for people.  I had been saving that $ up but had a little crisis so had to use that money.  Back to stashing any extra back.  Would love to  have that for Christmas shopping and not have to worry about where it's going to come from!

Apologies for my last few posts months ago.  I was in a dark place.  While things are still not what I'd like them to be I've realized that life is just too stinkin' short to be so maudlin and down.  I have a mighty God, and He is watching over me, no matter what!  He's always been there, always will be.

Once Megan gets home from her boyfriend's house we're going to switch out desks.  She has my dark wooden desk in her room, my old room.  I have the desktop computer on a sleek black table type desk I picked up for $10.  She likes this type of furniture, I like more substantial, old fashioned furniture so, we're going to swap!  I can't wait!  That desk has drawers to stash some things that are just laying here on this desk, driving me nuts!  This black table type has no drawers, no hiding spots.  That just will not do.  The older desk also has a hutch I can add to it, which I'm seriously thinking of doing.  If I don't like it then off it goes.  Will take a pic once I figure it out.

A few weeks ago my cousin came home from Arizona.  He came home with just the clothes in his suitcase. I gave him my table and chairs.  I've had that table since before I left my now ex-husband, the chairs were a bit newer, I had garbage picked them and they were so good and sturdy.  But, the table and chairs are just too big for my dinky kitchen.  I'm now hunting for an inexpensive taller table and 4 chairs, the high ones.  I know if I am patient long enough I will find them, and at my price.  I just felt that my cousin needed to be shown some TLC, he found a house to rent fairly cheaply, he just had to do some work on it, of which he could deduct the cost of materials from his rent.  I know I made the right decision.

Alright, alright, I've put off doing this budget long enough.  Wish me luck!  

TTFN, Blessings!


Wednesday, February 11, 2015


I've been a single parent for 11 and a half years, and with God's love and guidance, even before I gave Him the glory, I've managed to persevere.  Lately though, it seems it's like trying to walk in combat boots in mucky, mire/mud.  Especially when it comes to trying to help with my oldest daughter's wedding.  I am not going into detail but will sum it up as I am just not connected hardly at all to this.  Her matron of honor  has commandeered the whole show.  I financially am unable to contribute much, which makes me feel even less involved.  I know that's in my head and believe me, I've been praying for God to lift me out of that mindset.  Her soon to be mother and father in law are helping the "kids" a lot, and I do thank God for that, yet it still stings that I'm the mother of the bride and I can do next to nothing.  So, I've swallowed my pride and am jumping in feet first to say ok, I'm here, I really can help, I can get a few things, what can I do.  The soon to be MIL is being very gracious and we're working together now.  The matron of honor is more upset at me for telling her that making plans without consulting me was not right.  I keep telling myself that she is young, she has no clue what it feels like.  I told her that once she is a parent, she will truly understand my position but pointing fingers at me to try to make me feel guilty for upsetting her, not going to happen.

The wedding has been moved up to NEXT MONTH.  They just don't want a huge wedding, have scaled it back and just want to be married, end of discussion.  So this little blog is just to ask for your prayers for guidance, for mercy, for determination to get through this without upsetting my daughter or soon to be son in law.

Thank you!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

I'm in one of those states of mind the last few days.  I had a man I was recently dating that I just couldn't commit to.  The reason I can't commit, I cannot get Ted out of my head.  No, I wouldn't go back but why can't I get him out of my head?  Just leaving this out there, if anyone has any suggestions...I'm open to listening to them!

Okay, enough of Ted and him occupying a place in my brain.  It's been a relief knowing the pressure of competition is over.  Not having to set an alarm, lovely this morning!  Not worrying about how the girls are going to do, if everyone is going to hit their marks, if make up is done properly, all that pressure, over. 

I've spent this entire Saturday puttering around the house, all dishes are washed, working on laundry as I type this.  I cleaned the bathroom, that felt wonderful to be home to do these things and not have to be anywhere if I don't want to be!  I do need to go into the "big" town, but it can wait until tomorrow.

Yesterday evening we were at the grocery store and I had a kid vs kid issue.  My youngest wanted to go out to eat at Chinese.  Normally I would say yes but we're really working hard at keeping to my budget.  The older daughter of course in a more bossy tone, lol, said no need, we need to stick to the budget and not spend so much. I offered to hit up the dollar menu at Burger King, nope, not interested, she was sulking (youngest).  I've promised that out of my income tax I'm going to help middle daughter upgrade her car, not get a whole new one, but help upgrade some, but she has to contribute as well.  I need to work on locating a car for my soon to be 16 year old, going to ask her dad to pitch in, he's never done so for the other girls, he needs to kick it up.  Plus the car issues I am paying for the photographer for my oldest daughter's wedding in June.  That will probably be all of my income tax, but, well, gotta do what I've gotta do.

The budget has been doing pretty well.  I've started making my own laundry detergent, 1 cup Borax, 1 cup of Washing Soda and 1 bar of Fels a cap full of fragrance beads.  The clothes seem cleaner, smell better, and it's cheaper than buying a bottle/box of detergent!!!  We're making meals from home other than my offer of Burger King, I'm just really trying to get a grip.  It's been years and years of constantly juggling and I'm tired of juggling.  I do not expect anyone to swoop in and take care of me, I have to take care of me and I am.  Looking for extra side jobs to have a safety net.  I will do that, not I can, or I want to, I will.

That's pretty much my thought process today, My brain is a jumbled up mess in my head so I'm going to leave this here, go back to folding clothes...hopefully I won't be so scattered later.

Have a great one!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

 So, see these girls right here.....
Look what they won last Saturday....

Yes, I'm extremely proud of them, they worked so hard!  Sadly we didn't get a qualifying score for State but we did take 1st place for our category!!!
We had a competition yesterday but did not place, did not qualify.  I will freely admit to the fact that the teams we competed against, they were fantastic.  They earned their spots and awards, they truly did.  I wish I had been able to record their dances just to review for our team next year.  No, I don't have any intention of copying a dance, no Bring It On play here, just ideas and see what blended and what didn't.

Again tho, all in all, I think my high school team of 6 girls did phenomenal!   It's been a rough dance season, we've had a lot of issues that we've dealt with, we lost about 5 dancers, some quit, I think they didn't believe me when I said it was truly a sport and not just a club or group, and one I had to ask to leave.  Through it all they worked together extremely hard!  I was also thrilled last week that the floor judge pointed out the girl who had the "solo" which was just that she couldn't do a handstand as she's dancing with a torn rotator cuff and torn labrum in her right shoulder and instead did a triple spin and a jump then sequed right into the next move with the others.The judge said "The girl who had the brief solo, what is her name?  I am giving her a Rising Star award."  I told her that it was actually my daughter and gave the judge her name.  The judge told me that she really just stood out in that she had so much charisma and enthusiasm and was very skilled.  I was so proud!  I didn't tell Alyssa ahead of time, wanted it to be a complete surprise when they were on the floor for the award ceremony.  And surprised she was!!!  She has wanted this award since 6th grade year and she finally received it as a sophomore in high school!  And the award is given for charisma, team spirit, skill and enthusiasm.  

So now with our 2 competitions out of the way, and not qualifying for State, we are going to settle in for the last 3 home games of the season, including senior night for the girls to dance at in February.  After that, dance draws to a close.  It has consumed so much of my time and thoughts and in some cases money!  But all in all I've loved it.  I will return to coach until Alyssa graduates.  I just feel the need and really want to.  Auditions will be the end of April/first part of May so I'm working on the fliers now that I want to send to the 8th graders coming into high school next year.  

Okay, no more dance talk, lol.  I'm really striving toward my goals for this year.  Losing weight is one I'm not doing so well at but in all honesty, "D" was taking so much time I wasn't eating right, was easier to grab fast food and that's soooo not good for me.  This week I quit the fast food and have been eating what we have on hand at home, including a salad.  If I have a salad a day, that will help a lot!

Frugality wise, I'm trying, I have set small goals to hit and will be so happy when I get the first one!  Stocking up on food has been difficult for some reason, probably because when I go into the store it's a run in, grab, run out instead of taking the time to mentally prepare beforehand or even make my list out before I go.  That is what I'll work on this week, make out a list, pull coupons to coincide, go from there.

I have a few special prayer requests friends, God knows what they are.  If you would please believe with me?  I need affirmation and confirmation on a few issues in my life, our lives.  I'm very bad at trying to tell God how to do things.  This time I'm letting it all at his feet, stepping away and asking Him to take over and steer me down the right course.

I suppose I should close and go finish supper, chicken flavored rice a roni (Aldi brand) and diced grilled chicken (frozen also Aldi).  Have a blessed day!!!