Friday, January 22, 2016

Hello friends!  Well, the news from my daughter is....she's pregnant!!!  She and her husband are expecting their first child which is my first grandbaby!!!  The doctor appointment is scheduled for Feb. 2nd when we'll find out a due date.  
She and I went to a Chinese restaurant, it's a buffet so after we got our food she handed me a tiny gift bag and inside of it was this baby cap and booties!  To say I'm excited is an understatement, lol.  And yes I did cry.  Happy tears were shed, hugging outside the booth of the restaurant.  It was sweet, my baby is having a baby.  And so the journey begins.

I have to admit I've done horrible on my eating and exercising.  I was stranded at work a day and a half due to weather, ate what we had there.  I've not exercised.  I could blame the extreme cold weather but I won't.  I'm a big girl, I could do exercises at home.  Today was another weather event and I did not get to the gym to sign up.  So, I'm beginning a new day tomorrow, meaning I'll try again!  

Lately I do not feel like myself, I feel lost, drifting.  I truly believe it's because I've lost perspective, lost my focus, lost my drive.  I'm taking a FB break, I waste so much time on social media. I need to reconnect, get face to face with God.  That is a lot to do with my mood, I'm sure of it.   I lose my temper easily, my thoughts are not very nice at times.  I've let the world take over.   Need to push that all aside, get back on my knees and talk to Him.

That being said, I'm going to log off.  Blessings.....


Saturday, January 16, 2016


It's been a long week, I celebrated the big birthday and had a pretty good week actually!  Last night my two girls left at home and I went to the high school to watch the homecoming basketball game and cheer on my niece as she danced.  Today Alyssa and Tiffany, my niece, and I went to watch a dance competition in a town not far from where we live.  We bought some groceries after and I came home, put some beef in the crockpot and took a nap, lol.  Woke, put potatoes on to boil, heated some corn, made some bbq chicken for Megan.  I'm still full from lunch so I've chosen to not eat tonight.  Tomorrow I'll meet up with my oldest daughter for lunch.  I'm wondering if it's a belated birthday lunch or if she's got some news for me.  She's tried for 3 days to see me.  Hmmmm, wonder if she's pregnant???  Enquiring minds want to know!  I'll let you know!

As promised I climbed on the scale the other day and my starting weight was 224 lbs.  As of yesterday it was 222 lbs.  I try to weight every few days.  I've picked up my welbutrin so that will help more.  Wednesday I'm going to sign up for the fitness center, now that it's middle of the month and the resolution people are starting to fall away.  Prayers would be appreciated that I can get healthy again.  I'm 5'6" so my weight carries ok but I'm feeling so sluggish and it doesn't help my back to carry the extra pounds.

We're finally getting the cold that we've been missing and I'm here to tell you I do not like it.  Again, messes with the back but also I just don't like being cold!  I really don't like the furnace kicking on all of the time, which means the gas bill will be expensive.  

I'm off to clean up my kitchen mess.  Blessings friends!!!


Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Happy Birthday to MEEE!!!  Yes, this picture is recent, about a week old actually.  Yesterday was my BIG Birthday, the Big 5-0!!!  I celebrated by going out with a friend of mine for lunch, a former boyfriend who, I'm happy to say, still wants to remain friends!  Alyssa's boyfriend made me a scrumptious chocolate cake, creamy chocolate frosting (as of right now there is one piece left).  The only thing marring the day was the fact that Megan's car broke down, the oil was all out of it, and we had to get it limping back to my house which was 15 minutes and a lot of miles away.  The part has been ordered and hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow, and that what is being replaced was the only issue.  It's a 1998 model, a Bonneville, so it's a little on the older side.

Like I said in my post from the other day, this is the year I begin to focus more on me.  Now, please know that doesn't mean I'm going to be completely self centered and everyone else be darned, but it's time to focus on things I've long put aside.  My most difficult journey will be weight loss, and I know this.  My metabolism is so much slower since I am older AND I've had a hysterectomy.  I did not weigh in this morning, the day after pigging out at lunch and that incredible cake.  I will weigh in tomorrow and will really and truly try to keep a once a week post of how my week has gone.  Next Tuesday I'm going to our local physical therapy/gym and signing up, $25 a month, and I'll get a key pass to go in after hours.  With my work schedule this will be the best route to take.  I know the exercises I have to do.  I'm loading up good music on my phone, have earbuds ready, just need to pay the fee.  I'm not a huge fan of walking on treadmills, I like to see new things as I walk, but I'm great with walking when I have music so, load up those peppy songs!  

I've been going thru some issues with my 19 yr old.  I won't air them on here only to ask for prayer for both of us in how to move forward.  I've given the matter to God, but I will still daily ask him for direction and strength.

I'm also not going to whine about money matters.  My intent is to post positively, yet truthfully, but not dwell.  I'm better at making due anymore.  The other day I had pork chops, and then found a box of Stove Top stuffing on my dwindling pantry shelves.  I put the chops in the crock pot, let them cook for about 4 hours.  I then made up the stuffing, well dumped the contents of the box and the ingredients to prepare all over the top of the pork chops and let them cook another hour.  Oh my GOODNESS were they delicious!  Even my picky eater, Alyssa, loved them!  

I also tried a recipe I found on Facebook.  Chicken breasts, cut in 3rds, slice down the center with a sharp knife and then insert a cube of cheddar cheese, next time I'll use 2 cubes, then roll them in egg, then in panko crumbs seasoned with garlic powder, salt, pepper and accent, fry in oil.  They were absolutely wonderful too.  I have to admit I am excited about a lot of the recipes that are showing up on Facebook these days.  I especially am interested in crock pot recipes.  The girls have, finally, got tired of fast food, not to mention it adds up.  I know it's quick especially when I've worked all day and the last thing I want to do is cook, but it's not good for you, us, me.  

I'm going to call it a night.  I've had a long work day and I'm going to try to catch some sleep.  I pray blessings over you all.


Saturday, January 9, 2016


This is my first post of the new year....the year I turn 50!  I've vowed it to be a new era of taking care of me.  I've put the kids ahead of me forever, for all of their lives.  This starts me taking care of me...and helping them.

Here are my goals for myself...
1.  Getting my teeth fixed, done.
2.  Getting fit, dropping pounds.
3.  Going to Florida with family, seeing the ocean.
4.  Working on saving for more trips.  
5.  Making someone very special to me a priority.

There are bound to be more things I'll add to my list, some financial, some spiritual, some physical but these are my starting points.

Right now I'm on day #3 of my 6 day vacation.  I've not done much but I have made dinner each day, today was heat up leftovers.  I've caught laundry up, cleaned the kitchen.  Tomorrow is de-clutter, work out some.  

I'm off for now.  Again, Happy New Year!!!