Saturday, October 4, 2014

 Happy October 4th!!!  This is me (well my eyes and nose) and my youngest sitting at our booth at the Fall Festival in our town....Goofy kid but it's rare she wants to take a picture with me!  I grab any opportunity I get!  

This week was a busy one, wait, they're all busy!  But this one was extremely busy.  My Dance Team helped booth in the festival, we sold glow in the dark tattoos, did nail art where we painted fingernails and put on designs.  We barely broke even, wouldn't have if someone had not donated  money without purchasing anything.  Seriously reconsidering  ever doing that again.  Unless we can come up with something that's more marketable, no way, not freezing my tush off 2 nights in a row again! was their first performance of the year and I was so proud!!!  

 These girls have worked hard and it showed!  I received so many compliments from people, including the cheer coach, friends of mine and random people that saw me wandering around carrying poms in a bag!

There were a few small goofs but only I could see, and the girls that messed up knew, nobody else had a clue.  Now I think the girls look adorable in those uniforms (borrowed from the cheerleading coach). I'm trying to be as frugal as possible so borrowing was the only thing we can do. I personally believe they look much better than black capri stretchy yoga pants and borrowed football jerseys, which is what the girls wanted to wear.  I have told them no, we were going to look unified and like a team.  
This coming week is going to be less stressful.  We will have practice just 2 days as I have a funeral to go to on Tuesday evening.  A very sweet woman I knew from a former church, a woman I got to know very well and took home from church often, died the other day, along with her husband.  They were involved in a car accident, he lost control in the rain and slid.  I feel like I just need to be there to pay my respects to Betty.

I've been as frugal as possible, even though my van has not cooperated.  On Wednesday I went to get into it to pick Alyssa up from school and it would not start.  I had taken the day off due to my back really hurting.  Blessings, the van was in my driveway when the starter decided to go out, and not in a parking lot wherever my errand travels would take me.  One of my co workers put the new starter in for me.  He said that it was the battery that shorted out my starter.  So tomorrow I'll take the starter back to O'Reillys to get my core charge back.  My co-worker only charged me $105 to buy a new battery & put in the starter I had already bought.  That $175 was not something in my budget, sigh, but ah well, Praising that I had it to pay for it...just!  God is so good!  Amazing how He always provides for me.  By my co-worker doing the work for me it saved me easily $200 that a garage would have charged in labor alone.

The girls and I made due with what we had and did more cooking from home, when we were home.  There was not much extra to spend so we behaved!  I walked to work Thursday and Friday, simply because I had no choice.  

A very dear woman that I met on a frugal forum has sent me coupons as well as a list of what she uses so I can send my coupons for those things to her. She's so precious.  She's in her late 80's and loves to use her computer, has figured out her smart phone.  She cracks me up!  I plan on sending her an envelope full tomorrow evening after I get my paper.

Another frugal, one of the men at work is delivering newspapers in the mornings. I'm on the get the paper free for 6 weeks plan, oh how I love having a newspaper to read in the morning, after my devotions.  Not sure if I'll subscribe after my free trial is over.  I may for the Sunday paper.  If I lived close enough to a Dollar Tree I wouldn't and would just get it there for $1 but, I don't.  It's 20 minutes away and some Sundays I don't leave town to go to the bigger town.

Tomorrow I am churching it from home, so I can sleep as long as I want, especially after this long, long weekend.  Once Alyssa and I are up and moving we'll be headed into town, we'll shop at Aldi, return the old starter to get my core money back, stop by Goodwill to get another pair of cheater glasses, they have them for $1.98 and are actually very nice, lots of different modern styles to choose from.

The dance team will be working on a new routine, a competition routine and it is difficult!  That should be fun.

I have the funeral of my dear friend to attend.

I have to go through the totes for Chrysalis to check how many manuals are still outstanding and get that organized.  It's my job as a Board Member, one I volunteered for.

I need to finish up the baby blanket I've been working on.  Would like to have it ready for the new baby girl before she gets here in a few weeks!

I believe I've written how much I love Fall but one thing that I'm not crazy about is how cold it's dropped, and so quickly.  I do love my hoodies and jeans or hoodies and yoga pants but you have to be careful wearing yoga pants.  Too many days in them you don't realize if your behind is spreading until you try to pour yourself into your jeans!  That is why yoga pants are just for dance practice.  I like to stretch with the girls, it's good for my back, especially now that it's getting really cold, and that messes with my back.  The leaves are falling, I doubt the grass will even need cutting anymore for the year, and that's fine with me.  That means I don't have to pay someone $20 again until next year!  I hope to have my own mower by then.

Along with chilly days are the shorter daylight hours, so not a fan.  I am so sleepy once it gets dark, I have to push myself to do anything, even wash dishes after work or work & practice.  And some days, to be honest, I just don't do it.  Either the girls will pitch in or they won't, and it doesn't hurt them to help out.  

My eyes are getting to where it's a chore to keep them open right now.  After this busy weekend I'm ready to curl up and finish watching Gone With the Wind.  I wanted to see it in the theater this week but, well, that didn't happen so I'll  just watch it at home.  I have the movie and it's no money out of my pocket so there you go, another frugal!

Have a blessed evening, day, week if I'm not back any time soon.