Saturday, November 7, 2015


I absolutely adore this picture!  The girl in the front, my daughter Alyssa, the girl in the back, my niece, Tiffany.  This was about a week before Halloween in So. IL, at Tiffany's house because they have the cool stuff, lol!  Tiffany is actually my cousin's daughter but I call her my niece.  The two girls and their boyfriends had a great time, riding the 4 wheeler, decorating pumpkins, just being kids, even tho they are all teens.  So good to see them having fun not related to I right?

This is our Halloween Treat Walk at my employer...Oh how much fun we had!  I'm at the far right.  The kids all had such an amazing time!  The photo below is myself, Megan, William (Alyssa's bf), Alyssa, Tiffany and Joe (Tiff's bf).  They scared people, assisted with doors for the kids, handing out candy and helping me clean up.  They can't wait for next year already!

I've been looking for a new to me table and chairs.  I didn't want anything made of wood, just, tired of same old, traditional, you know?  So I was at a resale shop in my town and they had this table and 4 chairs for $100.  I said, I'm sorry, I cannot go $100.  The man said ok, $75.  I shook my head, I'm sorry, too much for me.  I have $60 cash.  He didn't say anything so I wandered a bit.  He came to find me and said ok, $60.  I'm so excited! A vintage table, 4 chairs and it's perfect for my tiny kitchen!!!  

My house is a little crazy, we're up to 4 cats, one is a kitten that I rescued, who is adorable, a cuddler and a rotten snot all rolled into one.  So there's a lot of silliness, chases and love coming from our fur babies.

I've got Alyssa hurrying me to go pick up her boyfriend, they're spending the day  together here (cool for me, I can keep an eye on them, tho they are pretty good kids, never yet had a reason to play the heavy).  So I'll check in later.  Yes, I know I've said that before but, I will, I really will!  I'll be more informative and less general!

Hugs to all,