Monday, February 1, 2016

No more negatives!  Last week was a wonderful week, and a hard week.  Alyssa, my 16 yr old, has ongoing issues with UTI's and kidney infections.  She had a flare up that hit her super fast.  We went to the doc on Tuesday, Wednesday night had to take her to the ER from the pain.  The ER doc was awesome and thinks it could actually be also uterine issues.  He gave her a bag of fluid via IV, also a much stronger antibiotic thru the IV.  He changed up her antibiotics to Levaquin and gave her Toradol for pain.  She was so much better the next day.  We have a follow up with her specialist on Wednesday.  I also made an appt with a gyne.  We will get to the bottom of this.

Megan is having thyroid issues.  I've been on her for a year but my 19 yr old is extremely stubborn.  So....I took her with on the day Alyssa had her doc appointment, she spoke with our PA and 10 vials of blood were drawn from her.  Not all reports are in but the ones that have come back are extremely high...not in a good way.  She's setting an appointment with an endocrinologist ASAP.  I'll be thrilled to see her feeling better finally.  She's been so out of it, dizzy, nauseous, rapid heartbeat, hair comes out easily, can't gain wait and in fact has lost weight.  She's 5'11" and only 132 lbs.  I'm hoping that I can come with her to the appointment so we can both know what is going on.  I'm praising that the doctor has taken this so seriously!  My girls seem to be on the mend, yes!

Got to talk to Rachel as well.  Her morning sickness is kicking her fanny, nauseous 24/7.  Her doctor appointment is also on the 3rd, this Wednesday.  Anxiously awaiting the due date of my grandbaby!  I'm going to go over there tomorrow night to take care of my girl, help her around the house while she works on her lesson plans, tends to a sick husband.  My plan is to cook for them, clean up, help her put together power point presentations and handouts.  I also told her I would talk to my grandbaby, ask him/her sweetly to let Momma rest some and eat some, lol.

Last Saturday I received a huge blessing from a co-worker.  This woman and I aren't the closest and I'll admit there are times I've let her under my skin even when I know I need to be understanding.  But, I'm off track here.  She came in to relieve me at work but asked if our boss had discussed with me the baby items she was looking to "get rid of"?  I said no, I hadn't seen her as I was gone 3 days, 2 of them for sick kids and one my day off.  So she had me follow her and opened her van.  Inside was an excellent condition baby walker, an excellent condition Pack N Play, a baby carrier, a baby push toy and a play mat where babies can be on their tummy or on their back and a mobile over their heads.  Then she pulls out a stroller, Mickey Mouse, used one time!  I asked her how much she wanted for them all and she said...nothing.  She said she figured I could use them and they were mine if I wanted them.  If I didn't she was just going to drop them at Goodwill.  I happily accepted.  I'll have things for my grandbaby when I have him/her!!!  

Blessings all around.  I never cease to be so grateful for God's love and mercy and grace.  He uses everyone in different ways to touch our lives.  I've been praying on this for over a week.  I had drifted from the way I had been living my life.  I had become judgmental and borderline hard hearted at times.  But through prayer and bible time, and going back to a church I really liked years ago I feel so at peace and convicted even to stop myself mid rant, stop myself from being judgmental.  Looking for the good in everyone, and being a blessing whenever I have the opportunity.

I finally got the girls to give me ideas of food they wanted.  The big deal about this is they usually want me to drive 25 miles home, get them, drive 25 miles back to the town I work in and bring them shopping with me.  I've decided enough is enough.  It wastes gasoline, and honestly I'm exhausted by the end of my day so the last thing I want to do is drive an extra hour.  I was lucky enough to buy most of it from Aldi so it was considerably less than if I'd decided to shop Walmart only.  Sadly I had no coupons to use but I still kept it all under $100, just under.  I had to do a quick run by Walmart today to get Always product and thankfully I did have a coupon for that.  Since Alyssa needed the pads I bought chocolate, that time you know.  

Yesterday on my day off I made Chicken, Bacon and Ranch bake.  I improvised and used Aldi Alfredo sauce and it was even better than the first one.  Later on I made Rice Krispie Treats.  I don't know why I stopped making them years ago.  They are quick and inexpensive!  Not to mention the girls, even tho they are teens, absolutely love them!

I suppose I need to shut this down now.  I have to be at work by 6:30 am.  I also intend on getting up early and making chocolate chip cookies for my sweet pregnant daughter and her husband.  I wanted to do it tonight but I my back isn't happy and I'm trying to get it to be quiet, not to mention I'm pretty sleepy.

Oooohhh, forgot, weight loss is stalled, haven't gained but haven't lost any more either.  

So, night night all.