Monday, September 5, 2016

Sorry for the lapse, life has kept me pretty busy lately, both good and not so good.  I refuse to say or write the word B*D.  We've had some rough spots but slowly things are turning around.

Since the rough spot I've not been stocking up as I'd like.  In fact we've really used most of what WAS put back but I'm thankful I did have it put back so it could be used!

I was blessed in that I received a promotion at work.  I switched to the skilled living facility building from the independent living building and am now the Housekeeping Supervisor!  This is a lot of responsibility, a lot of learning on State regulations and after my 3 month probation a really nice raise!  We just have to get by until the end of November.  That being said I started my cleaning service back up and pretty quickly got my first client!  It's a very nice house and she paid me a nice chunk of change to clean it.  I believe she will be every 3 weeks.  I will contact her in another week to set up the next day.  I'm hopeful that she tells her friends that might be in need of someone to clean.  

Summer is soon fading, thank the Lord, and we'll soon be moving on to cooler weather.  I used to not mind summer but it's been so horribly humid, or I'm just realizing it, this year that I'm actually looking forward to it being over.  We didn't get to do much, well, I didn't but the girls did with friends, boyfriends, the like.  It's ok, next year I'm hoping to be able to do at least one good vacation or getaway.  I'm looking forward to cooler nights, leggings and oversized shirts, comfy boots, apples to make apple butter and can to have apple filling for pies.  I think I'm nesting for Rachel.

Speaking of which, Rachel is looking pretty darn cute with her pregnant belly.  Little Sam is due in about 2 weeks, and I'm so excited!  Praying it forward for an easy delivery for my sweet daughter.  She's starting to get worried, as every new mother does.

Megan is still job hunting, please pray that she gets a job soon???

Alyssa is busting her butt working on her CNA classes, her dual credit classes, dance practice, Art club, all into her Senior year.  I told her to make the most of it but those grades need to stay up.  She knows this as the guidelines to stay in the CNA program are pretty strict.  I like that!

If anyone knows of any good prepping/homesteading blogs I could read I would greatly appreciate if you would share them.  I'll give you credit where credit is due!  

This weekend I've been sick with a horrible cold, my first in 2 years!  I did manage to clean the house of my client on Saturday.  Yesterday I washed all of the laundry and to dry it, since my dryer is down, I used a clothes line I set up outside (how I'd love a REAL clothesline), I also hung up clothes on hangers in the bathroom and laid them on a drying rack that my oldest daughter lent me.  I've figured out I'm saving almost $40 a month not using my dryer.  I'm good with that.  I'm not crazy about stiff towels but, they do absorb better.  Going to see how long I can go without a dryer.  I do use the laundromat on a few things but wanted to see how it went without going there this weekend.  I'm good with how all of the clothes turned out.  The girls may not agree, lol.

I'm going to go clean the inside of my fridge.  I've already emptied it of the science experiments that were growing in side of it, now is time to wash the containers and then wash out the inside of the beast.  

Have a blessed day!

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